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Hi, I’m Lisa! Thanks for stopping by!

When I was younger, I never really thought about food or where it came from. I think I spent my entire college eating from various dollar menus thoughout New Jersey. Never thought about it.

Then I started to read about our food system and how bad processed foods are.
So, I started cooking more.
Then I got pregnant and really started to think (read: freak out about) all the chemicals in our enviroment.
Then I started hugging trees and realizing that yes, deep down I am dirty hippy.

Not exactly like that, but its a quick synopsis of who I am and how I became that way.

The point is:

I like good, clean, real food.
I like to cook from scratch because I like to know where it comes from and also because my inner geek just likes to see how stuff is made. I also have a (food crush? is that a thing?) on Alton Brown. Not a crush like, a make out crush, but let’s hang out in the kitchen and discuss different ways to cook a steak crush. What, you don’t have those?
I like to keep chemicals away from my home  & family as much as possible.
I’d like to keep the earth a cleaner place for my kids and someday their kids.

It’s not always easy to do all of this. Sometimes it’s cheaper to eat real foods because the processed ones are so cheap and easy. And you can easily just buy stuff. Except for when you can’t. Cause you’re broke .So what do you do? Make it or make do.

I hope you will enjoy following me. Sometimes it’s an epic failure, but it’s fun!


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