The more things change…

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01/09/2013 by Lisa

Well, would you look at that! My blog is still here!

I’ve decided to pick blogging back up. It’s been a while since I’ve done this whole thing. I have had a hankering to continue writing about my broke but green ways. Went on wordpress this morning, wondered if my old blog still worked and look at that, it does!

A lot has changed in the past two years. I had another baby. Lost my job on the same day. Husband lost his job precisely one month after. Fast forward 6 months full of new baby and family bliss. Old job hires me back part time (I took the job part time thinking my husband would find a new job any day). Fast forward 6 more months. Husband does not have a job. I move to a lesser paying position full time. Unemployment runs out. Money gets suuuuper tight.  Fast forward 6 months of frugality and other fun stuff. Guess what!  I got laid off! Almost a year to the day when I was rehired. Amazing, exactly what I needed. Who needs a job when you have… er, sarcasm? Wit?  Dumps like a truck?

So, reading my blog from two years ago, I think it’s cute that I thought I was broke then. I want to say to myself “Guess what sister…you can be broke-er. Try not to have a panic attack.It’s OK though, we will get through this.  Arise like a Phoenix and all that. It will be ok. Good things are waiting for us, we can be sure!”

So, I will be chronicling my adventures from here on out. Who knows where this road will take us.


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