My apartment smells better than yours.

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10/16/2010 by Lisa

Wow, that’s a bold statement for the first blog post, isn’t it? I’m not even entirely sure that my apartment smells better than your apartment. And I am pretty sure that certain areas of my apartment smell worse than yours (you can thank the cat and the baby’s diaper trash can for that.) But right now, I can be reasonably sure that the smell coming from my kitchen is the most amazing smell I’ve ever smelt and I am now starving.

I’m making chicken stock.  You know, that stuff you can buy in a can for a dollar? Well I’m out of it and I don’t feel like buying more. I could use that dollar for something else this week.  And I don’t need to buy it when I have everything I need to make it at home.

The past few months I’ve roasted a  couple of chickens, and instead of throwing away the bones I stuck them in the freezer. Now that I’ve  collected a couple, I stuck some onions, carrots, celery, and some spices in the pot, put some water on it, and cook it down for a couple of hours. Really, I try to cook it as long as I can without going crazy and chewing my arms off because I can’t dive into the stockpot and drink it up.

The reason for this post wasn’t to brag about the delicious-ness that is coming from my kitchen.  While I was cutting up the veggies I started to wish that I had more free time to spend cooking everything from scratch with local, organic ingredients. I wished that I had the space for a garden. Then I proceeded to get very angry.  It seems like everything I wanted in my life I couldn’t have because  my husband and I work and rent an apartment. I can’t go to the farmer’s market because it’s closed when I have the transportation to get there. I can’t garden because I don’t have a yard.  Organic food is more expensive than non-organic foods and sometimes I have to choose which I want to pay for that week.  I’m tired of it.

So I decided that I’m going to change it, and make the best out of my situation. And I think there are plenty of people like me who are trying to do the same thing- make the best out of your life and the world. So I thought I would chronicle my journey into green-dom here and maybe I’ll find some people to join me.


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